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Gander Brew review, Milk Stout stream 28/04/19

This Sunday, 28th April 2019 we live streamed our first Milk Stout – With the addition of lactose, expect a prominent roasted barley base, smoothed out with a creamy sweet finish.

We took our 44 followers through the process of brewing our creamy Milk Stout, including the history of stout, and the differences between porters and stout’s and the importance of having an abundance of high quality yeast in making the end product.

This week’s brew saw, Lee wear the losers hat after he lost last week’s challenge. Lee got his revenge though, inflicting defeat on twin brother, Jack forcing him to bear the losers hat on next week’s stream.

As well as showing followers through the brewing process, we live streamed Mario and Donkey Kong on our Nintendo 64 as well as Overcooked and Pokemon Stadium.

We welcomed many new followers meaning we’re only 6 follower’s away from becoming an affiliate on Twitch so we’d love you to ‘share the stream’, recommending it to your friends and family.

Our stream was viewed around the world including the UK, USA, UAE, India and Singapore.

Our stream can be rewatched on our Twitch account below, be sure to check out our Shop too, with Gander Brew Merchandise available soon!

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