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Head Brewer and Brewing Head

Have truly useful content and hook your audience immediately.

Get straight to point and don’t underestimate your opening. Time spent on a fantastic introduction is as important as the rest of the article. With useful content and good planning your article can be featured by google.

“The best way to get your own Featured Snippet is to keep your text clear and concise…around 45 to 80 words.”

– Simon Shockett Elementor

Do Lots and Do Nots

Short Section Titles (including keywords)

Have a logical flow of headings and consider using a story telling model to structure them.

A great story always has an excellent beginning, conflict throughout and a solid ending. There are many types of story to choose from…

Keep text long enough to look professional and broken down into segments which are easy on the eye.

Break up Sections with Content

Images paint a thousand words and videos portray a million. Give your reader a break from reading and help those who scan assimilate content quickly.


Images and videos are not the only way to break up content….

"Images paint a thousand words and videos portray a million"

Blockquotes and infographics add some visual distinction to a page. Be sure to check usage rights, link and give credit to the original author.

Link Building and Keywords

Link top quality content throughout a blog to provide credit to your sources and lend credibility to opinions.

“Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own… increasing the number of high-quality links pointing at your website can significantly increase your chances of ranking well.”

– Paddy Moogan Moz.com

Link to other relevant parts of your website so readers can easily navigate to related content.

Keywords should appear naturally throughout your article as you introduce, elaborate and conclude your story. Be consistent and keep one page for one concept and group of keywords.


Time to summarise your article and finish your story. Remember to ask for comments, Likes, Subscribers and Followers. Customer suggestions are a great (and free) market research. It also guarantees your next post will be at lease useful for one person.

Lee Bushel

Lee Bushel

Head Brewer at GanderBrewCo.

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